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Kimberley is not just a good place to be; it's also a good place to be a business owner.

With the collective backing of the community and the Kimberley Chamber, success and sustainability are within reach!  As the sole professional organization representing the Kimberley business community, we are dedicated to fostering growth and prosperity for our local businesses.


The Kimberley and District Chamber of Commerce serves its membership through leadership in the promotion, development, growth and prosperity of business in our community.

We achieve our Mission by:
a) Providing information and resources to new and existing businesses
b) Coordinating networking and educational opportunities for business
c) Advocating on behalf of the local business community as "the Voice" of our business community
d) Promoting local businesses to residents and visitors
e) Offering service benefits to members of the Kimberley Chamber
f) Partnering with other groups and organizations to work together on joint initiatives
g) Recognizing leaders in the local community

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The Kimberley and District Chamber of Commerce is "the Voice" of our business community.

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At the Kimberley and District Chamber of Commerce, we pride ourselves on our small yet dynamic team of dedicated staff and accomplished board members, and we are always eager to welcome new directors who share our passion for fostering economic prosperity and community growth.

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