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A Love Letter to Small Business Owners


In case you missed it, as part of Small Business Week Kimberley Bulletin published our "Love Letter to Small Business Owners" on October 17, 2023:

Dear Kimberley & District Business Owners,

As you know, October 16-20 is Small Business Week. A time to celebrate and acknowledge all of the hard working entrepreneurs that own and operate small businesses. We wanted to take this opportunity to write you this letter and share our thoughts about your role in our community - not just during this week of celebration but all year round.

We know you’re really busy, so we’ll try and make this quick.

You deserve a whole lot of love. You’ve dedicated your life to your business, putting in the work, and quietly making Kimberley what it is - the Best Small Town in BC.

It’s fair to say that businesses like yours power the economy. Without you, a lot of us wouldn’t have jobs. In BC, more than 54% of private sector jobs are created by small business owners like you. But you do so much more than that. You shape our neighbourhoods and our city. You bring people together. You give us art to look at, places to stay, things to see and do. You give us food to eat, clothing to wear. You build our houses, and fix our cars and our websites. You tend to our lawns. You care for our children. You give us professional, financial and legal advice. And so much more.

At the same time, you step up as leaders in your community. Many of you are active members of your local Chamber of Commerce. And perhaps you’re also active in politics or you serve on the board of one of our many local non-profit organizations. Or you give back to the community through donations, sponsorships, and volunteer work.

Your work is never over. You start early and stay late. You do your best and give it your all each and every day. You face uncertainties on a daily basis and continuously pursue your goals in spite of it. You think fast, act fearlessly and make tough decisions dozens, if not hundreds, of times per day.

You are appreciated. You almost certainly don’t hear this enough. We see you working each and every day to give your business, your families and your community everything you’ve got.

From all of us to all of you - thank you for everything you do!

Kimberley & District Chamber of Commerce

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